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If you are under investigation for, or have been charged with, a crime, it is imperative that you retain an experienced criminal defense attorney immediately.

The taint of being the target of a white collar criminal investigation can have a devastating impact on your reputation and career if you fail to act quickly to protect your rights and defend yourself.

At the Fort Worth, Texas law firm of Puls Haney, PLLC, we understand what is at stake for a suspect or defendant in a white collar criminal case. Our experienced attorneys will work zealously to protect you, your reputation, and your future.

What Is a “White Collar Crime”?

The term “white collar crime” was first used back in the 1930s by a sociologist who defined the term as “a crime committed by a person of respectability and high social status in the course of his occupation.” That definition remains appropriate today as a definition for the term and how it is used in popular culture; however, the law does not officially acknowledge the term.

As far as the law is concerned, there is no distinction among criminal offenses based on characteristics of the defendant. Although white collar crimes are usually financially motivated and not violent in nature, they are still crimes in the eyes of the law.

If you find yourself accused of a white collar crime, it is crucial that you understand the serious nature of the accusations and the potentially harsh penalties you could face if convicted.

What Types of White Collar Crimes Do You Handle?

White collar crimes may be charged at the state or federal level; however, because many of these crimes involve electronic transactions that cross state borders, it is becoming more common for federal authorities to investigate and prosecute these offenses.

Our white collar criminal defense attorneys have experience representing individuals and entities at the state and federal level from the investigation stage through trial and appeal. Examples of criminal offenses that our firm has defended against includes:


Including fraudulent transfers, securities fraud, and various other fraud related offenses



Including embezzlement, misappropriation of fiduciary property and conversion

Financial Schemes

Financial schemes

Including Ponzi schemes and pyramid schemes

False Statements

False statements

Including false statements to lending institutions and licensure boards

Intentional Torts

Intentional Torts

Including wrongful death and assault

non-violent criminal offenses

Non-violent criminal offenses

Including driving while intoxicated

At the Dallas/Fort Worth law firm of Puls Haney we have witnessed first-hand the long-term damage that can be done to the professional reputation of someone merely accused of a white collar crime, even if they are eventually exonerated. Do not wait until you have been charged with a crime to protect yourself. If you are the target of an investigation, you need legal representation immediately. Contact the Fort Worth criminal defense attorneys at Puls Haney by calling 817-338-1717 or by filling out our free case evaluation.

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W. Kelly Puls

W. Kelly Puls

W. Kelly Puls is a member of Puls Haney, P.L.L.C. Kelly is an experienced trial lawyer, who has tried cases to verdict throughout the State of Texas.


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Julie E. Morris

Julie E. Morris is of counsel with Puls Haney, P.L.L.C. Julie has represented both individual and businesses in a variety of litigation and family relationship matters, including family law matters, divorce proceedings, custody disputes, estate planning, and probate litigation.