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Legal issues involving oil, gas, and energy are typically complex and represent a highly specialized area of the law. Every transaction must contemplate a host of potential obstacles. The same is often true for real estate transactions. Successfully navigating those obstacles requires the advice and guidance of an experienced attorney. At the Fort Worth, Texas law firm of Puls Haney PLLC, our attorneys have the experience required to represent and protect you throughout the negotiations and/or litigation.

Types of Cases Our Real Estate, Oil & Gas, and Energy Attorneys Handle

Real Estate Agreements (Residential and Commercial)

Real Estate Agreements (Residential and Commercial)

Transactions involving real property require the assistance of an experienced attorney who understands all the applicable local, state, and federal laws and regulation that must be considered anytime ownership or rights to real property are involved.

Drafting and Review of Commercial Leases

A commercial lease, when properly drafted, covers a broad range of legal issues that must be considered by the parties prior to entering into an agreement. Failing to seek the advice and guidance of an experienced attorney when negotiating a commercial lease dramatically increases the likelihood of a costly dispute down the road.

Drafting and Review of Oil and Gas Leases

Oil and gas leases involve complex, and often conflicting, state, federal, and international laws. They also typically contemplate the exchange of large sums of money, making it even more important to have a knowledgeable and dedicated attorney on your side.

Oil, Gas, and Energy Regulatory Practice

Transactions involving oil, gas, and energy are heavily regulated in the United States. Protecting your interests, therefore, requires the assistance of an attorney who has experience working with the numerous and varied state and federal regulatory agencies.

Corporate Mergers

Corporate Mergers

Complex corporate mergers are common in the real estate, oil, gas, and energy industries. If you are involved in one, you need an experienced attorney on your side to protect your interests during the merger. Our attorneys served as lead counsel on the largest oil and gas merger in U.S. history.

Personal Injury and Property Damage Claims

Drilling for and extracting oil and gas can be a dangerous process that can result in injury to persons and/or property. You need an experienced attorney on your side to evaluate and litigate any claims filed against your company as a result of your oil, gas, or energy operations.

At the Dallas/Fort Worth firm of Puls Haney we understand how important your legal issues are to you. Consequently, we are committed to providing exceptional legal advice and guidance to you.  Contact the attorneys at Puls Haney by calling 817-338-1717 or by filling out our online contact form.

Practicing Attorneys

Kelsey Brown Haney

Kelsey Brown Haney

Kelsey Brown Haney is a senior attorney with Puls Haney, P.L.L.C. Kelsey works primarily in the litigation and real estate sections of the firm.