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The victim of a personal injury accident often suffers physical injuries as well as emotional trauma and financial hardship. Frequently, however, what we commonly refer to as an “accident” was not a true accident.

Instead, a victim’s injuries, trauma, and hardship may have been caused by the negligent conduct of another party. When that is the case, the negligent party may be legally obligated to compensate the victim.

At the Fort Worth, Texas law firm of Puls Haney PLLC, we understand how the devastating aftermath of a personal injury accident can wreak havoc on the life of a victim.

If you were injured as a result of someone else’s negligence, you have a right to be fully and fairly compensated for your injuries.

We can’t turn back the clock and prevent your injuries and suffering from happening, but the Fort Worth personal injury attorneys at Puls Haney are committed to aggressively pursuing the compensation to which you are entitled.

What Qualifies as a Personal Injury Accident?

If you have been injured, the first step in pursuing compensation for your injuries is determining if your injuries were the result of a personal injury accident. All personal injury accidents fall under the broad area of the law known as “torts.” Torts involve injuries to your person or property.

Common examples of personal injury torts include:

Car Wreck

Car Wrecks

Car wrecks are almost always caused by the negligence of an involved driver. Examples of negligent driving behavior include things such as texting while driving, driving while intoxicated, and speeding or aggressive driving.

Truck crashes

Truck Crashes

In the United States, we continue to depend on tractor-trailers to move goods across the town, or across the country. Consequently, motorists must frequently share the roadways with these giants. When a large truck is involved in a crash, the resulting injuries to occupants of the other vehicle are typically serious, and often fatal.

That is when a victim, or the survivors, should turn to a Fort Worth truck accident attorney to ensure their rights are protected.

Slip and fall Accidents

Slip and Fall Accidents

If your injuries occurred while you were on someone else’s property, such as at a grocery store, restaurant, or retail store, the owner might be required to compensate you if a hazardous condition on the property caused, or contributed to, your injuries.

Wrongful Death

Wrongful Death

The loss of a loved one is never easy to accept; however, it can be even more difficult to accept if you believe that the death could have been prevented. If you are a surviving family member of what you believe was a wrongful death, you may be entitled to compensation from the wrongdoer.

Although no amount of compensation is worth the loss of a loved one, pursuing a wrongful death action will ensure that the at-fault party is held accountable for your loss.

Boating Collisions

Boating Collisions

One of the benefits to living in the Dallas/Fort Worth area for boat lovers is the proximity to water. Boating collisions, however, can cause life-altering injuries to a victim.

Moreover, victims are often unaware that many of the same laws and rules of the road apply to boaters, meaning a negligent boat operator can be held monetarily liable for all your injuries.

Motorcycle Accidents

The metroplex is host to thousands of motorcycles taking to the roads everyday. However, sharing the streets with larger vehicles and sometimes careless drivers can result in dangerous and even fatal collisions.

We understand your passion for riding and how a single accident can change your life forever. Trust the experienced motorcycle accident attorneys at Puls Haney to get the compensation you deserve.

At the Dallas/Fort Worth personal injury firm of Puls Haney we are committed to zealously pursuing compensation for our injured clients. Our hope is always that we can reach an out of court settlement with the at-fault party, thereby saving you from the stress involved in protracted litigation.

If, however, a settlement is not forthcoming, we will aggressively pursue a satisfactory jury award at trial. For example, we secured a $33 million verdict for a worker injured on the job and a $43 million wrongful death verdict for the family of a young man who died while in the custody of a Tarrant County juvenile boot camp facility.

If you have been injured in what you believe may be a personal injury accident, contact the Fort Worth personal injury attorneys at Puls Haney by calling 817-338-1717 or by filling out our free case evaluation.

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W. Kelly Puls

W. Kelly Puls

W. Kelly Puls is a member of Puls Haney, P.L.L.C. Kelly is an experienced trial lawyer, who has tried cases to verdict throughout the State of Texas.


Mark A. Haney

Mark A. Haney

Mark A. Haney is a member of Puls Haney, P.L.L.C. Mark is a Past President and Board Member of the Tarrant County Trial Lawyers Association.