Development Brings Opportunities, Challenges

It’s no secret that Parker County is positioned for explosive growth in the next few years. With new residential and commercial developments breaking ground on a regular basis, it is truly one of the fastest growing rural counties in the State. This is putting the citizens in the unique position of benefitting from tremendous growth and lifestyle advances while also protecting the high standards and quality of living that Parker County residents enjoy and value.

In the next couple of years, the area will be busting at the seams. The North Central Texas Council of Governments (NCTCOG) predicts that Parker County will experience a 243% increase in population by the year 2030. Specifically, Aledo will grow by 489%, and Willow Park by 376%. 2015 was the second consecutive year for over 300 new home starts and closings in Aledo ISD, so the pressure is there to build new schools. And, Annetta, the sleepy group of bergs, is projected to experience a 373% increase in employment opportunities in the next decade or so. The most astounding projections come from the Walsh Ranch website which boasts that the master planned development will eventually be home to over 50,000 residents, with the first houses ready for occupancy this year. People are flocking to superior green fill areas to live, work, and play throughout the county. Construction, and the hazards that come with it, will certainly be a part of this growth.

What do these dynamic changes ultimately mean for traffic and commercial development? I-35W in north Fort Worth is a good indicator of what might be to come for Parker County, with daily road closures for construction, time-consuming re-routing around construction bottlenecks, and horrendous accidents. Parker County, like north Fort Worth, is severely underdeveloped in terms of transportation. There are no parallel arterials to I-20 and I-30 west of Fort Worth, so the traffic during commute times will only become worse for the foreseeable future, resulting in more wrecks, noise, and chaos.

Local organizations are, no doubt, working overtime to achieve the balances of sustainable and managed growth. I urge residents everywhere to enjoy the benefits of new development, and to remain diligent in making sure that it is done safely so that the communities which are already here are protected and preserved. Remember that residential and commercial construction can pose hazards for those who already make Parker County home, including groundwater contamination, storm runoff, high water velocity damage, and erosion. Furthermore, the heavy equipment used on most construction sites can cause vibration damage to the foundations of homes or commercial buildings, not to mention the noise and general inconvenience leading to severe aggravation and lack of sleep.

There are legal remedies if your family, you, or your home are harmed during this growth cycle. While all of this growth is expected to be most positive for the greater Parker County community, we must stick together to make sure that progress is safe and sustainable.

At Puls Haney, we are leaders in corrective justice because sometimes bad things happen to good people.   Please know we are there to help.

Mark Haney
300 Burnett St., Suite 160, Fort Worth, TX 76102

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